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  5. Okay UNFORTUNATELY FOR barbitone every time I think about these designs (cause HNNNG srsly) I think about Once Upon A Time + Merlin

    So that means of course I have horrible ham-handed thoughts to go with that such as:

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  6. rosesollux:

    The girl I was babysitting loves Gravity falls, and wanted to dress up as Mabel.

    It’s not like I could have said no.

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  7. god bless amurika

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  8. sayahomu:

    au where mitt romney is cr1tikal

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  10. khaleesi-of-tarkir:


    you ever think about the other sperm you beat out to exist?

    the astronauts?

    the rappers?

    the concert pianists?

    but you, the tumblr blogger

    you won

    ok aside from the humor here I do think it’s interesting, linguistically, that it’s always the sperm who is “you” it’s never the egg

    that’s because genetically speaking humans don’t receive most of their defining stuff from the egg but from the sperm

    in birds it’s opposite, apparently, and in ants and wasps it depends on whether or not the egg is fertilized at all

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