1. If I forgot anything you guys can add it on in a reblog or something

    I’m sorry that I’m not sorry

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    Just like New York to care about some greasy cheese bread with sauce. Going back to my nutmeg and Clam chowder and...
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    Merlin is right. This is why we can’t have nice Illinois slides. Also….AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…….
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    Hence why there’s no such thing as a true pizza. And why all pizza is delicious unless you put anchovies on it. Or food...
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    That’s because Italy doesn’t have ‘pizza’- pizza as we know it is purely an american convention. Italy has ‘focaccia’,...
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    Sed you cut pizza that way to feed a large crowd, like its legit science
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    Yeah but that is an actual thin crust pizza. OMG YOU GUYS YOU’RE MAKING ME FEEL VERY STRESSED ABOUT PIZZA
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    except if you live in the part of IL that’s near st louis this is your true pizza there’s even an entire npr article...
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    Well technically it jumps from both Chicago to Seattle and back, and in all honesty, it originated in Seattle first,...